So I now own an iPad (Part Deux)

Happy Monday morning! 

This morning, uncharacteristically, I had some time on my hands. 

Those that know me are aware that this happens only when the moon is in the seventh house and Jupiter aligns with Mars. 

Having said this, I found myself in a bit of work limbo and so took my little iPad down to the closest coffee establishment with free wi-fi and had myself a cup o’ Joe. 

I have now owned my iPad for two whole weeks.  I decided to review my previous report card of the iPad, now that I’m a regular user.  Let’s see what I had to say about it and if any of my first impressions have changed now that we are in a committed relationship:

1. eReading:  First impressions are often true.  I raved about reading A.A. Milne’s Winnie the Pooh and my e-reading experiences have just gotten better and better.  When I think about what this could do for a reluctant reader, it makes my heart sing.   To really appreciate the interactive nature of reading on an iPad, check out the Alice in Wonderland book in the app store.  It will take your breath away. 

Jennifer’s Original Grade:  A 

Jennifer’s Current Grade: A

2. Word Processing:  I wish I could blame this on man hands (who misses Seinfeld as much as I?)  The truth of the matter is that I have abnormally small hands.  Fourth graders that I have taught have longer fingers than I do.  The keyboard should not be a problem.  However, 90% of the time when I tap the space bar I hit the letter “n”.  The other 10% of the time I hit the letter “b”.  I am hoping that over time this will improve.  Otherwise, I will be investing in a dock, which doesn’t make me happy.

Jennifer’s Original Grade: B-

Jennifer’s Current Grade:  C+

3. Applications:  Here I was wrong.  I really, really underestimated the coolness of what you can do on your iPad.   A few of my new favorites for the classroom that I will be reviewing in the coming weeks:  Drawing Pad, Star Walk, Dr. Seuss ABC…. these only scratch the surface.  Suffice it to say, apps for the iPhone and iPad are a testament to the genius that is Apple’s brand.  I still wish it could multi-task.  

 Jennifer’s Original Grade:  A-

Jennifer’s Current Grade: A

4. Design:  It is cooler than I ever expected it to be.  I know, I know…I keep on saying that…but it is.  The way it works with finger-control is just plain cool.  The way it looks with it’s hip photographic backgrounds is cool.  The way it feels in my hands when I am reading is cool.  Children feel this same wonder and more when they use the device.  I can hardly rip the thing out of my own child’s hands long enough to read the New York Times or check my email.   And that’s another thing…I love how everything I need –mail, iTunes, newspaper, internet– can all be found on the home page.  It makes me want to leave my laptop closed permanently, and I would if it weren’t for that pesky space bar issue.

 Jennifer’s Original Grade:  A+

Jennifer’s Current Grade: A+

I love this contraption…I love sitting in my favorite comfy chair sipping my grande, non-fat, no-foam latte with one Splenda (did I mention I am a little high-maintenance) and work on my NY Times crossword, flip to Facebook, answer a work email, and fight off the envious stares of all the iPadless coffee enthusiasts at Starbucks.   I am a convert…plain and simple.

Let the “I told you sos” begin.

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