So I now own an iPad…

I did it.

I bought an iPad.  A 32GB wi-fi iPad.

Those of you who read my initial post about the iPad are probably scowling or pointing your fingers and saying, “I told you so.”

What can I say?  You were right.  I am mercurial.  That’s what comes from being a Gemini.

And my Kindle died.  TWICE.  In TWO weeks.  So I bought an iPad.


But enough about me…let’s get back to the iPad.  Seriously, cue the Purcell trumpets.  If I were typing this on my iPad, I actually COULD cue the Purcell trumpets via iTunes.

Let’s start with the negative:

1) Keyboard. I still am not a fan of the keyboard.  It is finicky and I find myself typing the letter “n” instead of spaces.  That is aggravating, to say the least.  I can solve this by buying a keyboard if I don’t learn my way out of the frustration, but I am just saying.

2) The battery burns out quickly.  I turned off my wi-fi for the day and still felt like I was burning through my battery.  Which makes taking it on the road more difficult.  Again…not impossible but difficult.  I could see the problems of mass charging these in a classroom setting.

3) I’ve got nothing…because…

This brings us to the positive portion of the post.  Wait…I am going to have to devote several posts to uses for the classroom.  In fact, over the next few weeks, I will begin a series of posts about the iPad and how it could revolutionize education.  In the meantime, let me say this…I can barely put it down.  In fact, I think there is a “Star Walk” with my name on it right about now…

How are YOU using the iPad?

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2 Responses to “So I now own an iPad…”

  1. Carole
    9:45 pm on July 24th, 2010

    I got an ipad a month ago. I downloaded the Attendance App last year on my iphone. It works great on the ipad also. I also had a disc come with my textbooks last year. With Docs to go, I have access to all the material on those disc now.

    I am also going to look at purchasing Lan School for my classroom. With my ipad, I will be able to use the Lan School Assistant and see what my students are doing on their computers and send quizzes and bring their focus back to the task.

    Last but not least, I will use it for presentations. My students are always in the community making presentations. With the ipad, we will have a more portable solution to this need. We will also be able to give presentations in one on one sessions with community leaders.

  2. Joyce Bock
    5:38 am on August 12th, 2010

    I am so delighted with my iPad. I have the same one as you describe here but have no trouble with the battery life at all. In fact I took it to England with me and had no trouble at all with it. Just charged it overnight and was all set for the next day.

    I am interested also in hearing how people will be using it in the classroom. Anyone heard of a good keyboarding program. I am mentoring a teacher who will be using the iPad in the middle school classroom and need ideas.

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